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                                                              The Just Jim Show, WPEG.net

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Northwoods Entertainment                                 Main       715/ 490-2300  

PO Box 1526                                                    Traffic:     715/ 490-2301  

Rhinelander, WI 54501                                      Toll Free: 855-490-2300


Northwoods Entertainment LLC., is an Audio - Video Production Company with over 37 yrs of production experience.  Established in 1980, Northwoods Entertainment LLC., and VIDTEK Communications Group, have evolved into a multi-faceted group of company's that are highly skilled in A/V creative communication, production techniques, and content delivery systems.  Northwoods Entertainment is an award winning video production company that provides production via analog and digital video production, along with and original and/or licensed audio programming.  From start to finish, we excel at location support for any type of venue.  Northwoods Entertainment can accommodate anything from a single camera, with A/V program support, to multi-cam 4K live productions with producers, directors, cam-ops, and grips.

Internet Streaming for private audiences, and social networks outlets are a breeze to accomplish with our private IP & IPTv internet channels available to us our through broadbased private. We're prepared to deal with just about any audio or video streaming event you can ask us to fulfill.  We pride ourselves in on-site multi-cam location broadcast production, and corporate audio video production services.  We're now offereing both HD and 4K production serivces.  What does your future hold for your business venture? 

Contact Northwoods Entertainment for your next Audio/Video project, TV Commercial, Television Infomercial, or Internet (IPTV)Streaming Event or Private Labeled 24/7 Station.

We'll show you how easy it is to deliver your message.

Web:           http://www.northwoodsentertainment.net

Producer:     jlillis@northwoodsentertainment.net           

Production:  production@northwoodsentertainment.net     (Production issues - questions)

Post-Edit:     post-edit@northwoodsentertainment.net      (Speak to an editor during post production)

Producer1:   Producer1@northwoodsentertainment.net    (To reach a producer who is working on your project)

Streaming:    Streaming@northwoodsentertainment.net       (Net Streaming inquiry & tech issues during event)


Northwoods Entertainment.


Some of our Tour Packs we don's use any more:   4 Sale - 9 units 150.00 ea. OBO.

A rack of power amps, 6500 watts ready to go out ...

2 racks of matched power amps - 12,400 watts ... Can you hear me now?

A 20,000 watt Front of House System Waiting To Go out on location.

Getting Ready For a Program Behind the Stage

4k Streaming Production

Trailerable Sound Systems For 1,000 or so smaller venues - 2500 Watts

Storaging Equipment waiting for the next program to be ordered up.  715-490-2300 Sony 4K Cams for Streaming - Production

Online Streaming Event Tech Out Before the Show - Buddy Holly Tribute 50th Anniversary Show In Rhinelander, WI.. 200 Terestial Stations & an unknown # of Internet IP Listeners tuned in to this program.  Can we help bring those listeners to you?  715-490-2300        

Doing Sound Check During a Memorial Day Service in Harshaw, WI..

From small gatherings to large outdoor venues with thousands of people, Northwoods Entertainment delivers!.

Audio & Video Production since 1980, that clients depend and rely on.

**A brief explanation of what a Production Company does, and some of the resources it possesses.


Are you on our client list?  

Call Northwoods Entertainment and see what we can do for you.   

    (715) 490-2300 or

(855) 490-2300

** Some of our customers have been asking for financing help for their productions. 

Some of our production packages now offer 6 months through Pay Pal.

Contact us to see what packages we're offering this option on.






The Reality Network

Delivering Live Radio / TV Programming Streams

Content Creation - Distribution - and Programming.

Traditional Radio and Television Broadcasting Outlets, and also on our streaming IPTV network. 

( Roku, TuneIn, Shoutcast etc.)


Do you have a television program, or commercial, sitting on the shelf not working for you?

Do you need to have an outlet for your old or brand new program content?

Do you need to have new digital programming produced and aired?

Do you wish to belong to a network that understands where you want to go, and will take you there?

Do you currently work with a network that doesn't give you room to expand with your marketing plan?

Do you find the new media and it's language and outlets confusing?

We know what were talking about! Let us be your guide through the new media maze.

Reality is a digital content acquisition and distribution company that airs programming for our clients across audio and television network streams.  With over 300 streams available for your programming, there aren't any worries about attracting and keeping your listeners.  When it comes to branding a digital IPTV television program, a Television Series, a Television Infomercial, or a sales/training communication, DOR is your partner and will deliver quality digital streams to all of it's viewers and listeners.

Our delivery system, coupled with an understanding of both standard definition, and digital production techniques, along with our understanding of television digital parameters, guarantees you'll have the highest quality broadcast program available.  No matter where you wish to deliver it.

Talk to one of our sales people and find out how easy it is to join the our reality network.  You'll be glad you did.



We are currently looking for programming content on one of our streaming stations.  Contact us for particulars.



24/7 Streams of PEG

Wisconsin Public, Education, & Government Network

   You elected them, shouldn't you know what they're doing?

Stories come, stories go.  Most of the local inner workings of your community goes totally un-noticed.  Unless of course, you have a "feel good story" that a local radio or television station feels is good enough to air during their evening newscast. 

Is that the way it's supposed to be?  We don't think so, especially when you get your tax bills, water bills, and school tax bills. 

Then, citizens wonder what happened?  What have "they" been up to while I wasn't watching? 

WPEG.NET is a privately held content acquisition service provider for PEG channels within Wisconsin communities.  Since 2009, WPEG has been contracting with citizens, groups, and city governments, to provide local communities with PEG content, on our WPEG news channels, on radio, television, and our internet channels. 

WPEG, and it's producers, have over 90 years of combined TV network acquisition production experience backing it. WPEG.net is one of the most experienced multi-media, television, radio, and internet content information services in the Midwest.


WPEG is Wisconsin's only privately held, Award Winning, 24/7 PEG TV & Radio Streaming Network.

Contact WPEG for Wisconsin News on any matter that you think we should cover.  We're always looking for new communities to bring onto our network.  So, if you have concerned citizens wishing to get their elected officials on the air, let us know.  We'll help you accomplish your goals.

General Info:       info@wpeg.net
General Contact:  wpeg@wpeg.net
General News :    pegnews@wpeg.net
LegislativeNews:  legislativenews@wpeg.net
Show Production: producer1@wpeg.net
Advertising:          Sales@wpeg.net      
Web site:             http://www.wpeg.net




                       Patriot Talk Television - Radio


Mornings, Jim grabs his coffee, or tea, and talks about issues that concern American Patriots.  The need to be truthful runs throughout all of the Dose of Reality's programs, and the JustJiim Show is no exception. 

Jim talks about Issues in the European Union, Worldwide Hotspots, Socialism, Monetary Issues, and Agenda21 issues that affect each and every American.  And, an America that seems to be slipping away.

No person or subject is off limits on The Just Jim Show.  If there's a libtard to be called out, a Woodtick that's been diggin' in, or a Village Idiot that just needs to be talked about, Jim does it.

Jim always seems to have an in depth perspective that slips past the other homogenized news wires, and most of the other so called "conservative talk shows." 

Both Conservatives and Liberals are exposed to, and held to a real world reality on the Just Jim Show. 

And after all, we all know there's a difference between a Patriot and everyone else.  Don't we?

Click on the link to follow The Just Jim Show


Email Jim: justjim@thejustjimshow.com


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